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LCD Soundsystem at Ibiza Rocks

In 2005, Ibiza Rocks had the conviction to push against boundaries and break the mould by bringing live bands to an island that was established as a destination for dance music. Embodying this spirit during its early years, you had Babyshambles, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and more importantly – for the very reason we’re penning this anticipatory preview – you also had LCD Soundsystem. They were there in 2007 and they were back in 2010, but James Murphy had his band play in Ibiza even before the Ibiza Rocks brand was born – in 2004 for Manumission’s 10th birthday. That gig awakened the idea that live music had a home here on the White Isle, and one year later, Andy Mckay – then impresario of Manumission – took a risk and cranked open Ibiza’s scene to a different breed of players.

Just months after their 2010 Ibiza appearance, they blazed through one last show in Madison Square Garden. Twenty thousand people packed in for a final, live ear-slam of hits including ‘Someone Great’, ‘Daft Punk Is Playing at My House’, ‘New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down’, ‘Get Innocuous’, and the rest, because there’s plenty of timeless gems across the band’s three albums. The gig was so final that at the band’s urging, fans adorned black and white threads – basically a funeral awaiting the final drumroll. Others who couldn’t make it said their goodbyes during the rolling credits of Shut Up and Play the Hits – the group’s farewell documentary.

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